UiPath Studio Guide

The Arguments Panel

The Arguments panel enables you to create arguments and make changes to them.



The name of your argument. If you do not add a name to an argument, one is automatically generated. For more information on how to name your arguments, see Naming Best Practices.


Select a direction for your argument. The following options are available:
In – the argument can only be used within the given project.
Out – the argument can be used to pass data outside of a given project.
In/Out – the arguments can be used both within and outside of a given project.
Property – not currently used.

Argument Type

Choose the value type you want your argument to store. The following options are available:

  • Boolean
  • Int32
  • String
  • Object
  • Array of [T]
  • Browse for Types

If you select a .Net type from the Browse and Select a .Net Type window, it is added to the Argument Type drop-down list.

Default Value

The default value of the argument. If this field is empty, the variable does not have a default value.
Please note that default values for arguments must be provided in English, regardless of the Studio interface language.