UiPath Studio Guide

The Variables Panel

The Variables panel enables you to create variables and make changes to them.



The name of your variable. If you do not add a name to a variable, one is automatically generated. For more information on how to name your variables, see Naming Best Practices.

Variable Type

Enables you to choose the type of variable. The following options are available:

  • Boolean
  • Int32
  • String
  • Object
  • Generic Value
  • Array of [T]
  • Browse for Types


The area in which a variable is available, such as a specific activity. By default, they are available in the entire project.


The default value of the variable. If this field is empty, the variable is initialized with the default value of its type. For example, for an Int32, the default value is 0.
Please note that default values for variables must be provided in English, regardless of the Studio interface language.

The Variables Panel

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